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Exploris Learning Academy is a family-owned business in Orlando that focuses on offering your infants and toddlers an enriched multi-cultural learning experience in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Call today to arrange a visit.


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Exploris Learning Academy

Welcome to Exploris Learning Academy

We are excited you found us and look forward to joining you and your child in a journey filled with exciting learning opportunities, individual growth, and a true love for the spectacular world in which we live!

Exploris Learning Academy invites you and your whole family to come and explore all that we have to offer in the development of your little ones. We offer tours on a call-ahead or walk-in basis, so we hope that you will come and see, first-hand, just how we are shaping our future little adults.

Should you choose to enroll your child with us, we have a system whereby the teachers upload in real-time all that is happening with the child, such as lunch, activities or even diaper changes. Parents will receive notifications, again in real-time. Also, while our curriculum is predominantly Christian, we are happy to take children from other religious backgrounds. Call us today for details.

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Exploris Learning Academy

About Us

Our academy is purposefully designed to allow students from infancy all the way to the age of five to flourish in surroundings that will meet their growing needs. While we keep classes separated by age, we allow for plenty of inter-age group interactions where all the children can play and learn from each other.

Exploris Learning Academy offers many activities that allow the children to interact and fully engage, such as our weekly cooking classes, seasonal gardening classes and regular sporting activities. We are also known for our "Spanish Immersion" program, which promotes the fully immersive learning technique for your little ones to learn Spanish as a second language. With a highly accredited staff, we will help develop your child's English and Spanish vocabulary in a truly enriching experience.

Lastly, we have a full kitchen to prepare daily meals to ensure your child is getting all the nutrition that they need. Our food is always fresh and never from a can.

Get in touch today if you want to book a visit.

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What Makes Us The ideal Choice?

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are fully licensed and are experts at molding young minds.

Meals Provided

We offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks.


We offer personalized education in English and Spanish.

Warm, Welcoming Environment

We provide everything your child needs to express themselves

Let your child thrive with us

We aim to give your children the tools to build their best future. Call us today to enroll!

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