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Exploris Learning Academy | Curriculum

Our Core Values and Curriculum​
​​Because each child is a gift from Heaven and we are committed to provide your child an ​environment to grow and develop into what God intended.
We design our curriculum to meet the individual needs of each child.

Infants From 2 Months - 1 Years Old

This classroom helps transition from infants to toddlers by teaching them new words and allowing them to practice self-help abilities. There will be an introduction to shapes, colors, and numbers.

Preschool Downtown Ontario

Toddlers 1 - 2.5 Years Old

Your little one is growing and learning more and more each day. Our goal is to nurture and guide our children in an imaginative and creative environment using music, books and art. We continue to expand their language vocabulary by teaching songs and reading books in both English and Spanish.

Child Daycare Downtown Ontario

Preschool 2.5 - 4 Years Old

As your little one continues to grow, it is important to provide them with the necessary social tool to help them understand the world around them. We engage in many learning activities which help our children progress through creativity and education.

Child Learning Center Downtown Ontario

VPK 4 - 5 Years Old

The VPK curriculum offers a range of scheduled activities that aims to prepare four-year-olds for success in Kindergarten. Children engage in activities to learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and basic math, and basic writing abilities.

Preschool Downtown Ontario


Why is child nutrition important?
At any age, proper nutrition is essential. To stay and develop healthy and strong, your children require the proper nutrients.
We take this extremely seriously at Exploris Learning Academy, which is why we serve only the best quality, all-natural nutrition.

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