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Infant Day Care in Orlando

At Exploris Learning Academy, we have years of experience instilling the self-discipline & skills necessary for children to achieve higher education while enhancing each child’s imagination and improving their quality of life. Call today!

Give your little one a head start on the future at 407-440-0742

Choose the Best Infant Day Care in Orlando

We all know that the early years of your child’s life are essential, since that’s when they develop their characters and habits. Exploris Learning Academy is dedicated to helping children make the most of their formative years and lay the foundations for a future with endless possibilities, while offering working parents a safe haven to leave their little ones during the day.

Progressing through our programs from infants all the way to VPK will give your child all the gifts and skills they need to develop into a confident, creative and bright young person. Call us today to enroll.

We make learning fun


Infant Day Care Hourglass District
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We’re Serious About Safety

Your child’s safety is always of the utmost importance to Exploris Learning Academy. That is why our environment is carefully designed and constantly updated to not allow curious minds and grabby hands the chance for mischief. That is also why only the kindest and most dedicated professionals are tasked with your child’s care.

Our skilled teaching team ensures your child’s safety at all times in a peaceful yet fun setting that provides the sense of security that is crucial for your child’s overall development, well-being, and future happiness. Call us today to learn more.

Nothing will happen to your child on our watch


Infant Day Care Curry Ford West

Develop and learn through fun and creativity.

We aim to give your children the tools to build their best future. Call us today to enroll!

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