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Bilingual Preschool in Orlando

Being a true bilingual preschool, all classes at Exploris Learning Academy are delivered in English and Spanish. Call us today to enroll.

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Language Immersion Programs

Children tend to pick up languages eight times faster than adults, which make their early development years the best time to dive into language immersion programs. When exposed to second languages at a tender age where their brains are still so flexible, there is a greater chance that the child will absorb and retain that language, and can even go on to master even more languages.

Living in an increasingly more connected world, mastering more than one language will certainly give your child an edge in any situation. Call us today to learn more about Exploris Learning Academy’s well-known Spanish program.

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Bilingual Preschool Hourglass District
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The Benefits of Being Bilingual

There are several social and academic benefits to bilingualism. For instance, bilingual students tend to be more creative and better at problem-solving than their monolingual counterparts. Furthermore, teachers at Exploris Learning Academy have observed that our bilingual students tend to be open-minded and more accepting of the differences between cultures – better preparing young learners for the complexities of the world they will be part of as they get older.

Learning a second language also boosts the child’s mental capacity for continuing their education. Exercising the brain at a young age through language immersion will help with so many other facets of education. If you want to know what these are, be sure to speak to our experts today.

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Bilingual Preschool Curry Ford West

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We aim to give your children the tools to build their best future. Call us today to enroll!

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